FAQ - Fees, Floor, Snipers

  • Can the floor break?

  • Swap Taxes/Fees

    • Buy Tax: 1.5% to Stakers + 0.25% burned + 0.75% to Team == 2.5% total

      • Lower barrier to enter and earn staking rewards to offset sell tax

    • Sell Tax: 7% to Stakers + 0.5% Burn + 2.5% to Team == 10% total

      • Incentivize Stake & HODL - MEV / HFT Disincentive

      • Low enough tax margin to enable Traders

    • First 8H after launch: taxes are HIGHER than the above mentioned rates, see below on this page in the sniper/whale protection category

    • When LP Strategy Contact is enabled, the burn fees will go there to gain ETH over time via low impact auto trading via virtual swaps.

  • Snipers/Whales? (Let them donate ETH to the floor)

    • 25% SELL TAX for the first 8H. They feed the floor + stakers.

    • 2% BUY TAX on swaps less than 5 ETH (standard tax)

    • 25% WHALE BUY TAX on swaps 5 ETH+ (for the first 8H)

      • Discord community members will pay attention to this and split orders accordingly, so that other buyers get to access lower prices during the launch.

    • This deters whales/snipers from staking big and first to dominate the high APR percentages at launch

      • Also deters MEV Bots from siphoning LP

    • There will be a volume limit per block, to stop the first block from being botted/sniped without anyone else getting in

  • What if there is a code error?

    • Emergency Admin Ejection Controls allow staking to be unlocked immediately.

    • Manual Emergency Rebalance/Reset Controls have been coded into the contract to ensure AMM algorithm progresses even in unforseen edge cases (Ex: if a Trader JOE Liquidity Book Update changes functionality)

  • Is there a maximum price?

    • No, watching the floor rise to the Moon, safely is the goal. The floor price is an innovation in RFV technology. All other LP AMM Algorithms (UniV3, etc) are lagging in vision.

  • Tokens Sold into Floor

    • Burned to avoid sell wall buildup/LP irregularity.

    • Taxes are transferred before burn.


Onyx Lily tokens are released via a Trader Joe v2.1 Liquidity Pool. The purchase of Onyx Lily tokens does not constitute an investment contract or any form of investment advice.

Onyx Lily no guarantees or promises about the future value or performance of the token, and the value of the token may fluctuate significantly.

Also note that it might be illegal for you to own Onyx Lily depending on your jurisdiction, check with your local laws.

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